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A few useful and cool sites I've found on the web

The Crowncap Collectors Society International - CCSI ------------ The home page for the CCSI, a great organization for collector networking. If not already a member please consider joining.

Davide's CrownCap Forum ------------ This site literally has got the bottle cap collecting community moving. The world's most active collectors share images, information and friendship. Joining this forum is a must for the serious crowncap collector.

CrownCaps.Info - CC.I ------------ This site is a database including contact info, collecting interests and collection statistics for the majority of the crown collectors on the Internet. Registering on this site could greatly increase your exposure and thus be a great way to build your collection.

Crownpedia------------ Excellent website in the same vein as the online encyclopedia Wikipedia except Crownpedia is of course about crown bottle caps and the hobby of collecting them.

The Bottle Cap Index --------------- Have some unknowns crowns? Collector Gunther Rademacher has put together a database (which can be altered by the collecting community) to assist in identifying those caps that you have little to no info on.

Nadi's Picture Only Database --------------- Another database which focuses on helping to identify crowncaps with only pictures and images. Very helpful when there is no text on your unknown crown.

The Real Beer Page --------------- Pretty good beer page with emphasis on Micro's and Brew Pub's.

Brewery Search --------------- A decent tool for locating macro, micro, regional and small scale brew-pubs.

Tucows ShareWare Site -------------------- A great download site for all types of soft/shareware.

Download.com -------------------- Another great download site for all types of soft/shareware.

MyMoney Blog -------------------- Do you ever get the feeling you might need some assistance either managing your finances or at least are interested in smart financial management? This website/blog is not really MINE, but it is one I visit often for in-sight on economic issues.

Hustler $$$ Blog -------------------- Another website I find myself at every few days or so. A great site for financial information but more in the direction of getting the most out of various ways to make money or come out on top of your spending and saving.

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